Update coming soon!

Bradez1571 aCM posted Jan 25, 14
Hello everyone,

It's being a while since any of the Armada server have being updated in anyway since the departure of Jordan.

As we promised, with his departure will would continue to provide support for the Armada servers and we are actively working on getting an update released as soon as we can.

Stay tuned for more news about the update.

Have fun!
Corrins Meow?
Sw_aG Finally! i thouth it will never be back like "TheFridge".
cr7967 i do not know how to go to the server


armadacraft a posted Dec 1, 13
Quick update on the recent ramblings.

Update 2: ArmadaCraft up and running in the Minecade Network. Simply use your Quick Warp to get to it! May the odds be in your favor!

Update: ArmadaCraft is going to be accessible via the Minecade lobby ( is the ip, you can still use Soon you will be able to use the quick warp to get to it. We are working in moving the servers over.

Armada will continue to be online and updated, it will now function as the Minecade Survival Games and the games we were going to add to ArmadaCraft will now be in Minecade as well. The reason we decided to keep doing it without Jordan was because doing networks take time and work, in this case ArmadaCraft was a victim of not being able to release new content because of all the host issues in its release. We invite you to hang around and will do our best to keep your interest in SurvivalGames and invite you to try our Minecade games!

Sorry for the let down, but we will keep improving ArmadaCraft without Jordan.

Have Fun
brookstar4 How do you get on the building game cause i seen Jordan play it and I really want to play it but I don't know how any ad ...
jmseals I miss this server I love the survival games they have but I cant join them why is that?
heatmtg99 how do I join the survival games? It keeps saying that I can't join due to java-exception. ??? Please help???

Minecon 2013 Orlando!

armadacraft a posted Oct 24, 13

Will you be attending Minecon 2013 Orlando ? If so we will be attending with all the Minecade team and CaptainSparklez for some autograph signing and some ArmadaCraft tournaments at the booth! We will be on booth number 19! Drop by to get some cool surprises!

Won't be attending ? Not to worry as a lot of content will be streamed, check back on this website or any other Minecade sites to see special footage from the show! 

Have Fun!
koolmaan guys can i have help? someone banned me from the hunger games and thats why i never go on the person who inpired me to p ...
GEEKERS11 the tp is broken
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